If you were in my shoes

If you follow me on social media, you probably already know that DADI is running a crowdsale event to fund our vision for a decentralised fog network in support of our microservices suite. Even though the sale doesn't start until the 22nd, it gained a phenomenal amount of attention from day one, and the number of people that registered their interest has heavily surpassed our most ambitious predictions.

Yesterday, the community flocked to various channels to show grave concerns about our whitepaper, claiming that we plagiarised it from a company called SONM. This post is my view – not DADI’s – on the matter.

Anyone who’s ever written a theoretical document or thesis knows that research is an important part of the process. You look around to see who else is doing something that is remotely close to what you’re trying to achieve, and you look at how they’re doing it. If you find something that is good, that you respect, you’re going to lean on it, in one way or another, to produce your own work.

When you do that, however, you cite your sources and you credit the author. We didn’t. We should’ve reviewed the paper thoroughly to ensure that any scaffolding sections taken from various sources to be used as references later to be reworked and reshaped were actually reworked and reshaped. We didn’t. We dropped the ball on that one.

But you know what’s really frustrating for someone who’s involved in the project? It’s just noise. It was an honest mistake that sends the wrong message about who we are as a company and as engineers.

If you were in my shoes, you’d spend your days building:

  • A service that allows you to create a RESTful API in seconds, that is scalable, fully customisable, supporting virtually any database engine
  • A platform for creating a website, static or dynamic, with data from any type of source, giving developers the freedom to choose any type of templating engine
  • A visionary digital asset delivery and manipulation layer that gives developers the tools to manipulate images on the fly, do automated art direction on the web with ease, serve targeted content based on location, device and network connectivity to ensure optimal performance, transform CSS and JavaScript on the edge based on browser capabilities
  • A content management system that simply works as a window for the content, liberating developers instead of dictating the entire technology stack that they must use

These are just some of the pieces of the puzzle that is our microservices stack. Fully open-source for the community to use as they please. Prototypes or proofs of concept? No. DADI products are powering in excess of 200 million page views every month.

If you were in my shoes you’d get to work with a team of talented and passionate engineers, putting in a huge effort every single day. And for those reasons, you’d be absolutely gutted to see the credibility of everything you do be put in question because of a PR hiccup.

We’re asking for people’s hard-earned money, so it’s fair that we’re put under scrutiny. If I were in your shoes, I’d raise questions too. It looks off, I get that. But look for answers to those questions in a civil manner, instead of spreading hate and misinformation.

How? Go through our GitHub repositories to see the work that we do. Read our updated whitepaper to see for yourself what we're about. Read my blog and my tweets to see the content I share with the community every day. See my video channel and watch the talks I’ve delivered at conferences and developer meetups about the stuff we build for the community. Hell, call my university and previous employers to see if I am who I say I am, and do that for every single one of my colleagues.

If at the end you’re still not convinced, I respect your decision. Skip this one and invest somewhere else. But please, respect the work that we, as humans that sometimes don’t get things right, proudly do every day. ∎


Tony Mair

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

A non technical person and one, very amateur, digitally, but an intelligent animal and observer of what is happening in consumer behaviours across a range of matters, I completely 'get' what the dadi team is trying to achieve and the consumer benefits associated with what they will do. The investment case is compelling and first mover advantage is a good reason to back this team. I have been associated with many a brand launch myself, and know that the odd hiccup will occur, but also that these will never detract from a great proposition...


Monday, January 8th, 2018

Minor speedbump in an otherwise long and joyous road trip. I have full faith in this project and the team - keep moving forward!

Anonymous investor in Dadi

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Hello Eduardo, Thanks for this message. I agree with you that building and executing fast is more important than anything to survive and thrive as a company. I respect that perspective and approach. However, it would have been wiser to start this message by putting yourself in people's shoes and apologize clearly to start on and acknowledge your mistake clearly. Then ask people to put themselves in your shoes. Not the other way. This is a widely known principle to apply in leadership, communication, and psychology. Your message would have been more effective and would sound more sincere and not like if your objective is to protect yourself. I share this as a constructive feedback. Most of the times, simply and sincerely saying "sorry I made a mistake" is enough. I will still invest IF ( big IF ) I'm whitelisted ( your KYC and whitelist approach is not communicated clearly and not every registered people will get a spot ). All the best


Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Hi Eduardo. Kudos for admitting the (small) mistake, and also kudos for standing up for your team. At first I got the same nervous reaction because I liked the project and feared that it was "scammy". But when actually investigating what happened, it seems to be a really tiny thing that has nothing to do with the project -- and this is why I like that you "bite" back on the flame war that was started. Good luck - My curiosity for this project has not been shaken by this!

Bruce Thompson

Friday, January 19th, 2018

Good update. I was worried, especially because I really thought this was such a promising project. I’m glad you’ve made yourself available to the community to explain yourself and the status of the project. It take a big person to admit fault and I value your openness is wanting to do better. Good luck Sir! I’ll be backing you guys.


Monday, January 22nd, 2018

If it is a mistake, I understand; but it has still been a week while you haven't cited SONM in your whitepaper. I know that the DADI team is obviously scrambling to have everything in line as it is released, but it would seem well worth the time to just cite SONM in your whitepaper to correct your mistake?

Mehul Shah

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

An absolute Simple explanation I am fully convinced you couldn't have done better in explaining what has happened I'd really grown sceptical because the kind of ICO's that keep coming for the greed of money I was very happy to see a democratic architecture coming for internet I will fully support to the best of my ability making yourself available to the investors is a great way to be open to accepting your mistakes and your faults... and it happens with everybody during the course of success.. Your admins have been great on the telegram channel helping novice investors. What is more interesting to read is what all Dadi will be doing for the future of consensus-based internet and what all can we expect in the future on blockchain and from Dadi My Best Regards

Marcia K. King

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

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Friday, November 2nd, 2018

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